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The rebroadcast will also feature commentary by Teo Lázaro, an expert runner who has been participating in the running of the bulls for three decades and will bring all his experience to bear in order to analyze the best moments and the most interesting races.

Teo Lázaro, who has run the running of the bulls from 1981 to 2019 and now goes on to commentate on them, confesses that he used to record the TVE broadcasts since 1985 to analyze the races. «They are part of my life. I’m really looking forward to broadcasting and rebroadcasting.»

San Fermin Fair, Pamplona – Running of the Bulls

Hours:Sunday11am – 1am (next day)Monday11am – 1am (next day)Tuesday11am – 1am (next day)Wednesday11am – 1am (next day)Thursday11am – 1am (next day)Friday11am – 1am (next day)Saturday11am – 1am (next day)

In Estafeta street in Pamplona you will find this place known for its great atmosphere and its great tapas bar. You can enjoy them both in its warm interior and at the high tables outside. Do not waste time and order through the window.

Bar located in the Estafeta of Pamplona, in the middle of the route of the running of the bulls of San Fermin. It stands out for its wide range of D.O. wines from Navarra, Ribera del Duero, La Rioja, Somontano… and for its excellent variety of pinchos, representing the delights of Navarra’s haute cuisine in miniature.

How do you experience the festival from Mercaderes street with Estafeta?we have left the camera in that point of Pamplona for ten minutes with the aim of collecting the different faces that leaves us the most international festival.visit our website More interesting videos on Television on demand Subscribe to the EiTB video channel on YouTube


¡Hola! Mi nombre es Roger y soy un tutor de inglés certificado. Me crié en Nueva Jersey y me mudé a España a los 20 años. Llevo más de 8 años trabajando como profesor particular en Pamplona, Navarra. Mis clases y metodología se adaptan a alumnos de todas las edades cuyos objetivos son la obtención de certificados oficiales -B1, B2 y C1 de Cambridge-, la mejora de la expresión oral y el refuerzo de la gramática y el vocabulario inglés para alumnos de ESO y Bachiller. También organizo actividades especiales como tertulias de conversación y talleres de speaking. Como profesora, ver que mis alumnos mejoran semana a semana es ciertamente gratificante. Esa es la parte más importante de mi trabajo.

Giu per la mala via, Francesco Sotos (1534-1619)

Getting a ticket for the bullfights is the daily nightmare of the outsider and of many people in Pamplona. But it is not impossible. First you have to know where to buy a ticket for. The Pamplona bullring, in addition to sun and shade, is divided into three levels: tendido (the lowest), grada (intermediate area covered by the andanada), and andanada (upper part, covered). Andanada are the cheapest seats, both in sun and shade. The bleachers, although in the sun, are a fairly quiet area, and the «horrors» that we have mentioned about the bullfight in the sun do not apply to them.

In principle, therefore, you can buy a ticket by standing in line. The problem is that the queue is usually occupied from hours before by people who buy tickets and then resell them at a higher price. You can only buy four tickets per person, but the measure does not do much good since the resellers use all their relatives who are standing to buy as many tickets as they can. That’s why many times you queue up and find that they are sold out before it’s your turn. About the official ticket sales you have more information on the Feria del Toro website.