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Frost and pistachio cultivation

The School for patients with chronic kidney disease is an initiative promoted by the Regional Ministry of Health of La Rioja, which was created with the aim of improving the overall health and well-being of patients and their caregivers in all spheres of life.

Published Clinical Practice Guidelines for Systemic Lupus Erythematosus within the National Health System Guidelines Program, endorsed by the Ministry of Health and in which numerous experts in the field have participated in a multidisciplinary manner.

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Campo de conocimiento: El objetivo del grupo es contribuir a la identificación de moduladores epigenéticos asociados a la fisiopatología de las enfermedades cardiovasculares y sus factores de riesgo, con el fin de identificar nuevos biomarcadores y dianas terapéuticas que contribuyan a una mejor estratificación y un mejor abordaje de los pacientes cardiovasculares.

El cáncer de mama es el más prevalente en las mujeres a nivel mundial. Los avances en el cribado, el diagnóstico precoz y los enfoques terapéuticos de las últimas décadas han llevado a un aumento gradual de las tasas de supervivencia y la esperanza de vida. Esto ha puesto de manifiesto el efecto nocivo de la quimioterapia a largo plazo. Ahora sabemos que la cardiotoxicidad es una de las complicaciones más comunes asociadas al tratamiento quimioterápico y que la enfermedad cardiovascular es la principal causa de muerte entre los supervivientes del cáncer. Nuestro objetivo se centra en la identificación de nuevos marcadores biológicos que, junto con los parámetros ecocardiográficos establecidos, permitan un diagnóstico subclínico de la toxicidad cardíaca y una mejor estratificación del paciente con cáncer, además de la identificación de posibles vías de prevención y tratamiento en modelos preclínicos.

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Despite this and the risk maps prepared by the Ministry for Ecological Transition, «the authorities turn a blind eye to this reality». The ecologists denounce that the municipal corporations «are responsible for drawing up and authorizing urban planning in these areas; the regional government is responsible for subsequently approving it; and the Confederación Hidrográfica del Tajo is responsible for giving the pertinent authorization to build in areas of fluvial influence».

The groups ARBA, Asociación Ecologista del Jarama El Soto, Ecologistas en Acción, GRAMA and Jarama Vivo «call for the responsibility of all competent authorities to enforce water regulations. In particular, it is necessary to avoid any construction or housing in flood zones, as well as to recover the fluvial space that has been stolen from rivers and streams».

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The productive potential of our irrigated surface has as a counterpart the use of an important volume of water in a country with territories where water is scarce. As users of 68% of the total volume, irrigation is immersed in competition with users from other sectors for a scarce resource.

This sustainable management must combine the creation, if necessary, of new areas with the maintenance and improvement of existing structures and the efficient use of the resources employed, all within a sustainable framework, seeking the following effects.

The Agroclimatic Information System for Irrigation (SIAR) provides information on the water demands of irrigated crops and consequently for the optimization in the use of water resources.

In the National Program for Rural Development 2014-2020 (PNDR), the actions corresponding to Submeasure 4.3 stand out, which with an EAFRD co-financing rate of 75% on the eligible expenditure of the investment, the modernization of irrigation infrastructures of general interest located in supra-autonomous irrigable areas or in inter-community basins is carried out.