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Santiago Fuentes was arrested, but later released on bail on charges of fraud, money laundering and membership of a criminal group. The 130 affected people represented by lawyer Carlos Aránguez Sánchez are asking for him to be remanded in custody. «It is not acceptable that, in the face of a swindle of these characteristics, there is no forceful reaction from the judicial authorities», says the lawyer in an interview granted to Canarias Ahora. Aránguez has worked as a prosecutor in the High Court of Justice of Andalusia, has a doctorate in Law and a degree in Criminology. He is a professor at the University of Granada and has written articles related to bitcoin as an instrument and object of crime. The lawyer has promoted the Platform of People Affected by Arbistar and represents 130 people affected by the alleged pyramid scam.

It is an extraordinarily difficult question to answer. It is clear to us that there are some 32,000 people affected. The volume is extremely important. Only those affected by my platform have lost a total of more than four million euros. If 130 have lost four million euros, the overall volume is impressive. We are facing the biggest IT scam in our country. No other scam has ever reached this volume.

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RT-PCR tests are based on the direct detection of the virus with an extreme sensitivity, unlike rapid tests based on antibodies or antigens, these allow the detection of the disease in asymptomatic stages with a reliability of 99.9%.

Once the reservation has been made with the corresponding payment, no changes are allowed on the same day of the appointment, only cancellations are possible, you can cancel an appointment through our form on the contact page.

The approximate delivery or availability of the test results will take place on the next working day after the nasopharyngeal swabbing, generally between 14.00h and 16.00h, although for reasons of volume of orders and other similar reasons the delivery schedule can be extended up to 24 hours, that is, until 21.00h of the second working day following the sampling.

The test result must always be interpreted by a physician. Drawing conclusions without the necessary knowledge may lead to misdiagnosis. Whatever the result, you should always consult a physician.

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Incentives, corporate meetings, product presentations, coffee breaks? All your events have a place in our facilities. Equipment and location go hand in hand to offer you the perfect place. Tell us the details of your desired event, and we will take care of everything!

Open from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm and from 8:00 pm to 11:00 pm – Cocktail service with classic cocktails, premium gins and other varieties of cocktails (with and without alcohol) and hot coffee and cocoa mixes.

Buffet restaurant with «open kitchen» – Formal attire required for dinner (long pants) – Access to the dining room will be assigned upon arrival – Breakfast 8:15am-10:30am – Lunch 1:30pm-3:00pm – Dinner 8:15pm-10:00pm.

Buffet restaurant with «open kitchen» – Drinks not included in half board and full board – Formal attire required for dinner (long pants) – Breakfast 8.00h-10.15h – Lunch 13.00h-15.00h – Dinner 20.00h-22.30h.

Buffet restaurant with «open kitchen» – Formal attire required for dinner (long pants) – Breakfast 8.00h-10.30h – Lunch 13.00h-15.00h – Dinner 19.00h-21.30h (offered at the Hotel Best Da Vinci, annex to the establishment)

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The image or figure of the detectives is well known, but little do we know about this profession. For that reason, in this article we will talk about how interesting and complex it is to develop this career. Even though, nowadays it has gained a lot of popularity and recognition for its work.

When a person goes to hire the services of a detective, they usually do it for two main reasons: professional (work) or family reasons. Whatever the reasons may be. Grupo Arga, offers a group of experts in the area, being the most requested, the following services:

Whatever your case may be, we are certain that as the specialist that we are in Grupo Arga, we can help and support you. We have at your complete disposal a group of detectives, 24 hours a day, who will listen and take on your case with great professionalism. To look for the best options, with efficiency, efficacy and

Once you are willing to hire a private detective, most people often wonder what it takes to hire the investigator. The answer is very simple. The main thing to know is the legitimacy of the professional.